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The following is a list of all the reviews by David Sindel.

2008-10-22Astron Invader (downscale)ScratchAstron Invader (downscale)ScratchDavid Sindel
2009-01-16CoheteScratchCoheteScratchDavid Sindel
2005-01-14Cosmic CobraEstesCosmic CobraKitDavid Sindel
2009-01-15ITScratchITScratchDavid Sindel
2009-01-15MongooseEstesMongooseKitDavid Sindel
2009-06-26MozzieMadcow RocketryMozzieKitDavid Sindel
2009-08-27Nike ApacheCosmodrome RocketryNike ApacheKitDavid Sindel
2008-11-02RamaScratchRamaScratchDavid Sindel
2009-06-26Screaming Yellow ZonkersScratchScreaming Yellow ZonkersScratchDavid Sindel
2005-02-12WizardEstesWizardKitDavid Sindel

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