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Certification Level: L1 NAR

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Building the Estes Luna Bug


Here’s a tiny rocket that I took an unconscionably long time to build. So I’ll say it up front: I am not a fan of Hobby Lobby. I am a fan of religious freedom, but I am also aware that no rights are absolute. There always are limits. And when the religious views of a… [More]


White Sands V-2 No. 3


I also came in second in the Sport Scale contest with my White Sands V-2 No. 3, freshly repaired after its bad balsa dent on its maiden flight in August, which also flew on a B6-4 very satisfactorily. - B6-4 - Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field) [More]



And of course, since it’s October, I flew the Pumpnik on a C6-4 and it did its thing well. - C6-5 - Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field) [More]

Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Restabilized


I don’t seem to be under a curse any more. This morning it was chilly. There were reports of frost to the north, the first since last spring. Not that cold where we were but mid 30s °F. But the sky was clear and the wind was light, and by late morning it’d warmed up… [More]



For the second flight I cut about 30 cm off the length, and got about 43 seconds. - B6-4 - Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field) [More]


Uff Da


Then back to the Uff Da. This time I used Uff Da Glider C, liberally dusted with baby powder. I’d had only one 1/4A so this time I used a 1/2A. It went up, the glider ejected, it opened. It started gliding, going in slow circles. Yay! Only no one told it it was supposed to come down. ... [More]

Uff Da


I moved on to my 1/2A Glider Duration contest entry. This being a non Pink Book contest, I could legally use a flexwing glider, so I flew my Uff Da. Last time I flew it the glider (henceforth Uff Da Glider A) flew straight east into the trees and was never seen again. So this past week I made two ... [More]

Bohica's Dead Ringer


I started off with Bohica’s Dead Ringer, on a B6-4. Have I flown this rocket before? Yes. On B6? Yes. How many times? Six. Was it stable every time? Yes. Was it stable today? Yes. Really? NO. Did I check the shock cord before launch? Yes. Did it look healthy? No. Did I give it a tug and ... [More]



I went back to the Yankee, put in a B6-6 (I was out of -4s) friction fitted more securely, and switched over to a new, 6 x 120 cm streamer I made late last night using the same materials and techniques as for the other streamer. It flew well with a descent decent, 50-some seconds which put me in ... [More]



Next was my entry in the B Streamer Duration contest, the same old Yankee with the same old 6 x 90 cm Mylar streamer. It put in a very good flight with a good long time coming down… and then I found out why. It had ejected the motor. Flight was disqualified. Also the streamer wasn’t ... [More]

Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Bidiscontented


Did I offend some god of rockets or what? It wasn’t a god of weather. We had clear skies, almost no wind, temperature peaking about 80°F. I’ll take it. I started off with Bohica’s Dead Ringer, on a B6-4. Have I flown this rocket before? Yes. On B6? Yes. How many times? Six. Was it… [More]


Hey you


Sign this petition. [My comment: “Model rocketry is a fun, safe, and educational hobby. Launches conducted according to the National Association of Rocketry’s safety code and the National Fire Protection Association’s model fire code have a 60 year track record of greater safety than many activities such as sports. Kids doing model rocketry learn about… [More]


Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Discontented


There are great launches and less than great launches, and yesterday’s was not in the great category. Not terrible, but not great. Let’s start with this, which you can take as a tip for the next launch you go to: It helps if you bring your rocket motors. Failing that, it helps if you, like… [More]

Canopy fix


I have a Coleman 10′ x 10′ canopy, model number 2000012704, a few years old. At July’s launch my son was taking it down when one of the lower peak truss bars bent at the hinge and broke. After some googling I found there’s a vendor on Amazon, Coleman Replacement Parts, that sells, well, what… [More]




My entry in this year’s ongoing B Streamer Duration contest was… the same as it was in May and July, the Yankee with the big creased Mylar streamer, also on a B6-4. I got only about 49 seconds this time, 12 seconds off last month, maybe in part because it was tilted into the wind and ... [More]


Building the [scratch] Roll Model (part 2)


As for the top plate: Glue it on, or no? If glued, that would have to be after installing the LED rings, which would have to be after painting. And then there would be no way to change out a ring whose batteries have run down. (The rings aren’t built for battery changes. You’d have… [More]


Building the [scratch] Roll Model (part 1)


Our club does a night launch every year in August (except we skipped last year), and there’s night launches at NYPower which I’ve gotten to, uh, once I think, and yet I’ve only ever flown two different rockets at them: my Loadstar II with LEDs in the clear payload section, and my Big Blinka. Nothing… [More]


Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Indexed


When I left the club launch today at about 1:30, it was about 89°F, heat index about 101°F, both still rising. I was hearing thunder. If it’d been up to me the launch would’ve been postponed, but it wasn’t, and if it weren’t the Apollo 11 anniversary and if I hadn’t committed to being there… [More]


Building the Delta 7 Mercury-Redstone 8 (part 3)


The Liberty Bell 7 capsule went together mostly per the model instructions, but of course I left off the heat shield and retro rockets. Instead I made a shoulder out of a strip of cardstock. If you’ve ever wondered what a Mercury capsule with a service module would have looked like, wonder no more. I… [More]


Rockets Gone Bad


Excel launch — cato


Rockets By Style / Gliders


Swift Boost Glider


Rocketarium Retro Rebel (Kit)


Brief I bought the Retro Rebel kit for our club's annual Odd-Rocs theme launch. It's certainly odd. There is a 24 mm body tube with an 18 mm motor mount. Instead of a nose cone fitting into the body tube there's another short length of 24 mm tube with a coupler. Each 24 mm tube is ... [More]

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