Rocketry Videos

By Rob Roday

1-26-08 Rocket launch Tribute rocket, end over end failure (2008-01-26)
Not a spectacular failure, but a failure nontheless. This one needs a design change for stability Used one D12-7 engine. [View]

crayon rocket Blue Rosendorff (2009-06-28)
went wild and landed in the dirt, will not fly again [View]

GearCam clip from Jullian Carollo's DarkStar Lite Rocket (2011-06-28) (DELETED)
Best GearCam Clip so far, on Jullian's Darkstar Lite, flying a G75 sparky motor. Excellent view of the NERRF 7 attendance and the surrounding farmland. Thanks METRA and all the ROday/ Carollo rocket ... [View]

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