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Two Stage Nike Black Brant.avi (2012-02-02)

Florida Air Academy AFJROTC Rocket Club launches it's 11/32 scale Nike Black Brant at the Palm Bay, FL "Rocket Ranch" of Spaceport Rocketry Association and Tripoli Space Coast. Rocket was boosted on a CTI Pro54 K1440 White Thunder motor (1.7 sec. burn time) and staged to an Aerotech J415 White Lightning motor (3.4 sec. burn time). Electronics package consisted of Missile Works PET2 staging timer and two Missile Works RRC2 altimeters. On-board video was recorded by BoosterVision GearCam DVR. Primary altimeter reported 4313 ft. and backup reported 4316 ft. Total flight time: 3 min. 23 sec.

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