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Apogee Aspire D12 7 FITS 2015 (2015-05-28)
This is the first flight of my new Apogee Aspire. I am putting it up on a D12-7 so that I can see if it has any odd flight issues. on this flight I noticed a spin that could negate me trying to ... [View]

Apogee Strap on Booster Build (2017-03-26)
This is a build using Apogee Components Strap On Boosters and a Estes Vagabond rocket kit modified from a three fin configuration to a four fin configuration. [View]

Estes High FLyer FITS 2015 (2015-05-28)
Estes High Flyer XL loaded with a E9-4 motor, Jolly Logic 2 altimeter and a 808 Key Chain Camera strapped to the side. This launch was in Mansfield, WA during Washington Aerospace Club's annual Fire ... [View]

Estes High Flyer XL Tax Relief 2015 with on bored camera (2015-04-28)
Estes High Flyer XL with 808 keychain camera attached to the side. Launched at WAC's Tax Relief launch 19 April 2014 [View]

Estes Magician build day 2 (2014-10-27)
Day 2 of the build sees the motor mount construction [View]

Estes Magician build day 4 (2014-10-29)
Day 4 we trim the skinned fins and glue them to the lower body tube. [View]

Estes Magician Build Day 6 (2014-11-01)
Day 6 of the build we see the rocket almost finished. Wood filler on the fin fillets and the tube spirals, attaching the launch lugs. Primer and pait will have to wait for a bit dryer of weather if I ... [View]

Estes Magician build, day 1 (2014-10-26)
Taking it back to the basics on this one.Building the Skill level 3 Estes Magician focusing on air foiling and skinning fins, filling spirals, Fin fillets, primer and painting. [View]

Estes Mean Machine (2016-04-19)
This is my daughters Estes Mean Machine going up on an E9. We used the Jolly Logic Chute Release set for 300 feet. [View]

Estes QCC Explorer FITS 2015 (2015-05-28)
My Estes QCC Explorer going up on a E9-4 with a 808 Key chain camera strapped to the body. [View]

Estes QCC Explorer on a E9-4 (2014-01-20)
This was my QCC Explorer launched on an E9-4 at Washington Aerospace Club's "frozen Thunder" held at 60 Acres in Redmond Washington. cloud celing was about 1000' and I rached about 1105'. [View]

Estes Vagabond with Apogee Components Strap On Boosters (2017-03-26)
In this video I build the Estes Vagabond with a modification from three fins to four fins. I also add the Apogee Components Strap On Boosters in a previous video. [View]

F with D pods F I T S 2014 (2014-05-28)
This is my "F with multiple D pods" flights at Fire In The Sky (F.I.T.S.) 2014. The first launch is with 5 Estes D12-7 black powder engines. The second launch is with a CTI 29mm F36-14W Blue Streak ... [View]

F With D Pods First Flight (2014-04-14)
U.S. Rockets F with D pods Maiden flight. Launched on 5 D12-7 black powder motors to keep with in the field flight restrictions. This launch was held by Washington Aerospace Club "Tax Relief 2014" ... [View]

First Flight Apogee Aspire (2014-04-14)
Maiden flight of the Apogee Aspire a D12-7 during Washington Aerospace Clubs Tax Relief 2014. Flight data Jolly Logic Altimeter II Peak Altitude: 1064' Top Speed: 204moh Peak Acceleration: 15.4 Gs [View]

Frozen Thunder Rocket Launch 19 January 2014 60 Acres Washington (2014-01-20)
Videos of a few of the launches from this years "Frozen Thunder" in Redmond Washington put on by Washington Aerospace Club. This was The first time my daughter Leana launched a rocket at a sponsored ... [View]

Jolly Logic Chute Release (2016-05-15)
After seeing and hearing of the many ways to have a Jolly Logic Chute Release fail I decided to put together a little video in hopes to help others. This is a game changing device for low, mid and ... [View]

Leana's Blue Ninja with jolly logic and 808 cam FITS 2015 (2015-05-28)
This s my daughters Estes Blue Ninja launched at Fire In The Sky (F.I.T.S.) this is an annual launch put on by Washington Aerospace Club. We used a D12-5 BP motor, had a Jolly Logic 2 altimeter and a ... [View]

Leana's Estes Pink Crayon Pinkie Pie's Rocket (2016-05-31)
This my Daughter's Estes Pink Crayon "Pinkie Pie's Rocket" going up on a C6-5 black powder motor at Washington Aerospace Clubs Fire In The Sky 2016 held at Mansfield, WA. [View]

Level 1 cert flight and second flight Madcow Torrent (2015-05-27)
This is my Level 1 certification flight on a CTI H125-9 followed by a flight with a CTI I170 duel deploy flight. Drogue at apogee and main at 500 feet. The second flight has a on board camera ... [View]

Mad Cow Patriot (2013-05-31)
Mad cow Patriot rocket. Fire in the sky 2013 [View]

Madcow Torrent at Fire In The Sky 2016 (2016-06-03)
This third flight of my Madcow Torrent. The flight was during Washington Aerospace Club's Fire In The Sky (F.I.T.S.) 2016 held in Mansfield Washington. [View]

Tax Relief 2015 Rocket Launch 60 Acres Redmond Wa (2015-04-20)
Video of a few of the rockets that we launched at this years Tax Relief launch held by Washington Aerospace Club. Still photos, video from the ground and from the rockets. [View]

Tax Relief 2017 (2017-04-17)
This is the rockets we launched during this years Tax Relief launch hosted by Washington Aerospace Club. We suffered a few bad flights/landings. All the damaged rockets have been repaired by the time ... [View]

Tax Relief Launch 17 April 2016 (2016-04-19)
These are a few of the rockets I launched this year at Washington Aerospace Club "Tax Relief" launch held on 17 April 2016. [View]

Washington Aerospace Club's anual F.I.T.S. Launch. (2017-05-31)
Here are a few of my launches from this years Fire In The Sky launch. Some great and some not so great. We said good Bye to the U.S. Rockets F with D pods as it went sideways into the sage brush (the ... [View]

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