Rocketry Videos

By RocketMan8911

4" Nike I600 (2007-04-08)
Aiden Sojourner Polecat Aerospace 4" Nike Smoke on an I600 Redline. [View]

Matt's two stage rocket (2011-08-08)
Matt Sikkink's two stage flying on an AeroTech K550 White Lighting to an AeroTech K185 White Lightning. Unfortunately the second stage motor never lit. [View]

Mike's K611 CATO (2011-08-08) (DELETED)
Mike Baileys Red Arrow on a K611 Blue that unfortunately CATO'd. But the damage to the rocket was that bad. [View]

Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket. (2011-01-09)
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket flying on a central AeroTech I600 Redline with two airstarted outboard AeroTech G64 White Lightning carrying 3 pounds of candy. [View]