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DandyLionSeedVideo (2012-02-17)
Detonator01.MOV (2012-04-17)

Break Away Recovery Rocket. Launches as one piece, recovers as 5. Launch was on A8-3 in light winds. Parts scattered over about 50 yards.

EasyPrepChopper (2011-12-07)
Full Whopper Cho (2011-12-01)
Helicopter Rocket Whopper Flopper Chopper 1 (2011-09-18)

Four 60 inch rotors (10 foot rotor cone diameter, sans dihedral)

Rocket is 38.5 inches tall at launch, flies on E9-4 engine (ignore the narrator, it's not an E9-6).

Kind of a beast for a helicopter at 330 grams with engine.

3 successful launches (no failures, minimal damage on flight 3)

Videos aren't great but best I could come up with so far.

Helicopter Rocket Whopper Flopper Chopper 2 (2011-09-18)
Helicopter Rocket Whopper Flopper Chopper 3 (2011-09-18)
Spyder2FlightVideo.avi (2012-02-19)

Second Rendition of Spyder AirBrake Recovery with MD80 camera. Weight without Engine 60 Grams. C6-3 Engine. Winds 3 MPH. Broke a blade on landing.

Spyder2GroundVideo (2012-02-19)

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