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 Rocketry Club: Rocketry Organization of South Carolina at Orangeburg

Dr. Rockzo Rocket (2011-09-06)
Dr. Rockzo themed Sunward Eruption on 4 x C6-5s. Freedom Launch 2011, Orangeburg, SC. [View]
Estes Argent Level 1 Flight (2016-05-16)
NAR Level 1 Certification Flight/Camden, SC/ ROSCO club. Estes Argent flying on a CTI H87 IMAX motor, Chute Release at 400 feet. Estes Altimeter recorded 2340 foot apogee. [View]
Estes Argent ROSC 3/12 Club Launch (with Chute Release) (2016-03-13)
Estes Argent on a CTI F59. This combo definitely works better on a 9 second delay; did a 7 here and it was too soon. Chute Release did EXACTLY what it was supposed to. From the ground, it looked ... [View]