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K "Sparky" Motor in Pueblo, CO (2008-11-16)
K Motor with "Special Effect" of sparks, Rocket owned by Jason Chamberlin of Pueblo West. Rocket recovered with a dual deployment system for its parachutes. [View]
K Motor Launch Pueblo CO 1-17-2009 (2009-01-19)
Jason Chamberlin of Pueblo West Colorado flies his High Power Rocket on a K 600 Animal Motor Works White Wolf Motor to over 5,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL). [View]
On Board Rocket Video of Launch in Pueblo Colorado (2011-02-07)
On board rocket video from an Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5 and an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-3 motors. Launch site was near Pueblo Colorado on the Hudson Ranch. [View]
VVII High Power Rocket Launch (2010-11-26)
Civil Air Patrol rocket built by Valkayrie Cadet Squadron launch at the Hudson Ranch. Hudson Ranch is the launch site of the Southern Colorado Rocketeers NAR Section 632. The core motor of a K ... [View]
On Nov 20, 2010, at the Hudson Ranch launch site located 9.5 miles south west of Pueblo Colorado located on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway), the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (NAR Section #632) ... [View]
Another One Bites The Dust with Rockets..wmv (2011-05-08)
On board rocket videos of rocket malfunctions such as separations and failure of parachutes to fully deploy. Many rockets are high powered and reach high altitudes. No persons were injured and no ... [View]
Model and High Power Rocket Launch in Pueblo Colorado with Special Guest. (2012-02-05)
Model and High Power rocket launch near Pueblo, Colorado with a special visit by Vern Estes who founded Estes Model Rockets and is a pioneer in the hobby of model rocketry. [View]
2020 July 4th Rocket Launches (2020-07-04)
Model rocket launches with the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (SCORE) on July 4th, 2020. Some small Estes rockets and two mid- and high-power launches. [View]
Half & Half - High Power Rocket (2017-10-22)
Flying my 4" high power rocket on a AeroTech J420 Redline. Flying at The Southern Colorado Rocketeers Hudson Ranch launch site. [View]
TRA Level 1 Certification Flight, Blue Angels Super DX3 on CTI I345 to 1,733' AGL (2017-09-17)
SCORE Chili Blaster 8 Hudson Ranch Pueblo, CO 4" cardboard Super DX3 7.1lbs w/ motor 60" Spherachute at apogee (via RRC3) On board video from 808 Matecam [View]