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Determining stability and Altitude Performance in Student Designed Rockets (2020-05-28)
A demo of RockSim, SpaceCAD and OpenRocket for beginning TARC teams. Links for demo software used in video Rocksim Software (Demo): ... [View]
Flight Simulation – TARC Active Rocket Control Ep. 2 (2020-05-05)
Have any constructive criticism or suggestions for how I can improve? Drop them in the comments below! – Table of contents: OpenRocket/RockSim Comparison: 1:28 OpenRocket: 2:52 Fusion 360: ... [View]
McAllen ISD Rocket Launch (2019-03-24)
First RGV and RGVCG Rocket Club assisted McAllen Independent School District in a demo launch of a model rocket to kickoff a rocketry program in McAllen ISD. They plan to bring the program to every ... [View]
RockSim Software Tutorial - 04 - 2D Drawing Preferences (2010-11-23)
Customize the units, and change the 2D rocket drawing to your specifications [View]
RockSim Software Tutorial - 06 - 3D Controls Pt 1 (2014-12-03)
Customize the 3D view - Part 1. Orienting the rocket, and zooming in and out. [View]
RockSim Software Tutorial - 21 - Motor Install (2015-01-19)
How to install new rocket motors in RockSim [View]
RockSim Software Tutorials - Installation & Registration (Windows) (2010-11-23)
RockSim Software installation & registration instructions for Windows computers [View]
RockSim Trajectory Comparisons using MS Excel (2020-06-27)
this is an old video I made in 2007 to show teachers how to create charts of rocket trajectories using Microsoft Excel. I'm sure that it can be done with something like google sheets, but I haven't ... [View]
RockSim Tutorial #10 (2020-06-30) - This video covers the installation into RockSim of some of the parts inside the rocket. Not only will we put in the engine mount, but you'll see "how" to design the ... [View]
RockSim Tutorial #13 (2020-06-04) - [View]
Rocksim Tutorial #6 (2020-06-04) - [View]
Rocksim Tutorial #7 (2020-06-04) - [View]
Which Motor is Best for Your Rocket? (2020-05-05)
When you take a look on the Apogee website at any particular rocket kit, you see a long list of compatible motors. It can be daunting to figure out which one to choose for your first flight. This ... [View]