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Imagine - This is the Rocket Racing League (2011-09-28)
Live Rocket Race April 24th w Miles O'Brien � (2011-09-28)

Star Wars meets NASCAR. Watch a webcast LIVE from Tulsa with award winning national anchor Miles O'Brien - as rocket powered planes race in a cross between NASCAR racing and pod racing from Star Wars � LIVE from Tulsa � April 24th � 12p - 2pm Central / 1700 - 1900 GMT �

Raceway in the Sky demo (2011-09-28)

The 'RITS' - Raceway in the Sky technology of the Rocket Racing League. Visit for more info

Raceway in the Sky for Rocket Racing League (2011-09-22)

A great video showcasing the Raceway in the Sky technology developed by Rocket Racing League. RRL's Mike D'Angelo and Dr. Peter Diamandis discuss the convergence of ground and cockpit based systems required to implement this revolutionary system. The video, hosted by Miles O'Brian, offers fans a glimpse of the future of racing.

Rocket Racer flight test 2007 (2011-10-05)

Rocekt Racing League flight test of Rocket Racer aircraft

Rocket Racer Inaugural Flight - Oshkosh (2011-10-05)

Inaugural flight before the EAA-Oshkosh crowd July 29th, 2008

Rocket Racer test flight (Tri-Split video) (2011-09-28)

Rocket Racing League test flight. Xcor propulsion test with tri-split video sync Please visit for more info 06/05/2008

Rocket Racers - NASCAR meets Star Wars - Miles O'Brien Reports on Rocket Racing League (2011-09-28)

NASCAR meets Star Wars in a cross between high octane sports, rocket powered aircraft, and some virtual reality to make it blow your mind. This is the Rocket Racing League - RRL

Rocket Racing Is Here! New sport promoted at Red Bull Air Race (2011-09-22)

Red Bull Air Race fans get a taste of the new sport of Rocket Racing!

Rocket Racing League & Armadillo Aerospace (2011-06-21)

John Carmack of Armadillo Aerospace, talks about the propulsion system for the Rocket Racers of the Rocket Racing League.

Rocket Racing League Pilots (2011-09-22)

LA Fox (Chief Test Pilot) and Dave Morss discuss how flying X-Racers in the Rocket Racing League are such a challenge while being an incredible thrill.

Rocket Racing League promo video (2011-09-28)

Please visit

RRL co-founder Granger Whitelaw gets an early demo of a Rocket Racer (2011-09-28)

Rocekt Racer aircraft demo Rocekt Racing League Please visit for more info 07/02/2008

What is Rocket Racing? (2011-06-22)

Star Wars pod racing meets NASCAR - a new sport - rocket powered aircraft race through the skies.

X-Racer Aircraft for Rocket Racing League (2011-06-21)

Rocket Racing League's custom X-Racer aircraft is explained by Chief Test Pilot, Len Fox.

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