Rocketry Videos

By Sascha Grant

13mm Art Applewhite saucer (underside) (2008-05-09)
13mm Art Applewhite saucer flying on an Estes A10-3, viewed from underneath [View]

50's Style Rocket - Aerotech RMS D13-7 (2008-11-10)
50's Style rocket flying on an 18mm Aerotech RMS D13-7 reload. This thing just dissapeared! When the eject charge blew, the parachute and nosecone floated off leaving the rocket body to tumble back ... [View]

Aerotech Warthog slow-motion launch (2008-02-14)
Aerotech Warthog flying on a D12-3 Slow-motion lauch at MMRG Launch Day Feb 10 2008 [View]

Atari 2600 Joystick Rocket 2nd Flight (2009-03-28)
Scratch-Built Atari 2600 Joystick rocket 2nd Flight. 'Flying' on an Estes C6 [View]

Big Daddy - Rocket CATO (2009-05-23)
Estes Big Daddy rocket beefed up to fly on 24mm motors. Launched on an Aerotech E18. The aft closure blew off the motor, the nozzle, propellant and delay grain were all ejected. Minor damage to the ... [View]

Black Scratch-Built cluster rocket - Maiden flight (2008-11-11)
Scratch-Built cluster rocket flying on 2 x Estes C6-5 motors. [View]

Level 2 Certification attempt - onboard video (2011-04-17)
Flew my "Freefall" rocket today on a J570 for my Level 2 Certification. Unfortunately the nose cone got hung-up on the shock cord which resulted in some damage. All repairable, but failed ce ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch @ MMRG (2008-02-16)
Model rocket launch at recent Melbourne Metro Rocketry Group launch day. Flying on a Black Max motor. [View]

Nothing but spool Slow-Mo launch (2013-05-19)
This is the test launch of my rocket "Nothing but spool" on an Estes A3-4T 13mm motor - my entry for the upcoming 'go small' comp for the Rocketfest XVIII launch. [View]

Red & White Rocket - Aerotech E30 (2009-03-13)
Scratch Built BT80 x 40" "Red & White" rocket flying on Aerotech E30. Recovery by 18" hand-made rip-stop nylon parachute. This rocket was recently repaired and repainted after badly zippering caused ... [View]

Wombat's Big Daddy rocket launch @ MMRG (2008-02-16)
Flight of Wombat's Big Dadday at recent Melbourne Metro Rocketry Group launch day [View]

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