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Modified Semroc Saturn 1B Build (4x24mm Cluster) (2008-04-05)
Modified Semroc Saturn 1B build to use 4x24mm motor cluster  [View]
ROCKETS Magazine Saturn 1b (2014-04-05)
MDRA's Saturn 1b launch on April 17, 2011 [View]
good launch Saturn 1B (2007-05-21)
part 2 of the model Saturn 1B rocket. [View]
Saturn 1B Assembly Part 1 - What Paint to Use (2019-10-15)
This video shows the general painting techniques you'll use when building the Apogee 1/70th Scale Saturn 1B model rocket kit. [View]
Saturn 1B Assembly Part 43 - Attaching Fin Unit to the Tubes (2019-10-15)
In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, is where you'll be attaching the fin unit to the fuel tank sub-assembly. This step needs to ... [View]
Saturn 1B Launch (2010-11-02)
The launch of my Saturn 1B, October 16th, 2010, Jemison Field, Chilton County AL, Birmingham Rocket Boys. Footage Courtesy of my nephew, Aaron. [View]
Saturn 1B Launch (2010-02-21)
The launch of my Saturn 1B with the Birmingham Rocket Boys, New Georgia Landfill, Birmingham AL, 2-20-10. [View]
Saturn 1b Vern's Museum Video (2020-07-01)
Saturn 1b video for the Museum Vern's rocket is at to display From Saturn 1b Steve Eves - Vern Hoag DVD [View]
Semroc Saturn 1B 10-13-19 at MDRA (2019-10-13)
Semroc Saturn 1B on (4) C6-3 motors on 10-13-19 at MDRA Central Sod Farm. This is a clone of the orginal Estes model. The flight was flawless and the rocket recovered without issue, however the ... [View]
Steve Eves, Vern Hoag 1,27th scale Saturn 1b K1275 (2020-06-20)
Really Cool Flight of Steve Eves, Vern Hoag 1/27th Scale Saturn 1b on a K-1275 From Cool and Really Cool Flights 3 [View]
Tim Doll Saturn 1b (2020-08-02)
Cool Flight of Tim Doll Saturn 1b From LDRS 29 DVD [View]