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Estes Oracle Second Launch (2) (2011-09-20)

Video Rocket Cam

Estes Oracle Video Rocket in Flight, Recovery (3) (2011-09-20)

3rd try with recovery

Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch (2011-09-20)

Video Rocket Victoria, BC Canada

Estes Rocket B Engine (2011-08-08)

Rocket with video camera

Estes Rocket Bad Launch! (2011-08-07)

Rocket goes Crazy

Estes Rocket Car Crash (2011-08-07)

Rocket gets run over by a car and survives!

Estes with 808 Keychain Video (2011-08-08)

Rocket Launch with C engine

Goofy Kid Catches Oracle Video Rocket (2011-08-07)

Perfect Launch Today July 20, 2011

Goofy Kid Launch Rocket (2011-08-07)

Estes C6-3 with 808 Keychain Video Camera taped to side

Jake and Evan with Estes Oracle Video Rocket (4) (2011-09-20)

Jake stars at pick up of rocket

jake to recover estes oracle video rocket (2014-01-17)

Jake runs to get the rocket.

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