By David Frey


2023-03-26: Build Start:

The Frogglicker Mk I is being built for my HPR level 1 attempt.  Having pretty much all the things that are required for level 1 and 2 attempts, along with the flexibility of different engine configurations (29mm and 38mm adapters for its 54mm MMT), an included EBAY, required hardware, plus the YouTube build series, this was a good choice for me.

Build Parameters:


  • Eggtimer Quantum Altimeter
  • 2s 7.4v 300 mAh LiPo battery
  • Digital Camera (TBD)


  • I am still debating using the provided nose cone or opting for a LOC Precision 3.9" 5:1 ogive nose code.
  • Single, redundant deployment with the Eggtimer Rocketry Quantum Altimeter to deploy at apogee and the motor-eject as a backup. I am planning to use an AeroTech G80T-7, 29mm single-use motor, using the 29mm motor adaptor.


  • Single electronic deployment with redundant motor ejection
  • 45" Main Chute

Launch Configuration (maiden):

  • G80-10, 29mm, Single Use
    • Total Impulse: 136.6 Newton-seconds
    • Burn Time: 1.7 sec
    • Max Thrust: 108.5 Newtons
    • Thrust to Weight Ratio: 6.6 : 1

Launch Configuration (Level 1):

  • G80-10, 29mm, Single Use
    • Total Impulse: 225.8 Newton-seconds
    • Burn Time: 2.0 sec
    • Max Thrust: 159.7 Newtons
    • Thrust to Weight Ratio: 10.9 : 1


See the attached PDF for the OpenRocket projected information for both maiden and Lvl 1 Cert flights.