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Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (2010-06-23) (NEW)
This new show to see just what objects will fly premieres July 5th at 9pm on the Science Channel. [View]

LDRS- Alien Rocket (2010-09-29)
For more rockets, visit This thing looks more like a work of art than a real rocket. But its creators swear that physics are on their side. Can the alien rocket really fly? [View]

LDRS- From Zero to Mach 2.2 (2010-09-29)
Aurora Team claims their rocket can reach an altitude of up to 32000 feet. That would make it one of the most powerful amateur rockets of all time! [View]

LDRS- Mega Rocket Launch (2010-09-29)
A huge rocket explodes off the ground and travels more than 6000 feet straight up in mere seconds. You might want to stand back! [View]

LDRS: Flying Port-O-Potty (2010-08-12) (DELETED)
What happens when rocket enthusiasts take a construction site Port-O-Potty, attach it to explosives and light a fuse? For more, visit [View]

LDRS: World's Largest Bottle Rocket (2010-08-12)
This group of doctors are on a quest to build the world's largest bottle rocket. [View]

Rocket Tiki Bar | Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (2011-11-14)
In the final round of the drag race competition, one LDRS veteran must find a way to beat an impressive win by a group of first timers to come out on top. [View]

Vets vs Rookies | Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (2011-11-11)
One LDRS veteran must find a way to beat a group of first timers. More Awesome Rockets! Visit [View]

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