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Scratch - Britney-Spears-Mania {Scratch}

Original Design / Scratch Built

Contributed by Mike Walsh, Jr.

(by Mike Walsh Jr)

Parachute recovery, Blacksky Rail usage

Three BT-60 tubes were required and one BT-60 nose cone. It is basically an Mean Machine (Estes), but... there are three 6" sections of BT-50 tubing glued between the fins, they also contained nose cones and thrust rings.

I used an core D12-5 and three D11-P's and a 30" parachute for recovery. It required SEVERE care in installing the igniters since I did not use individual clips wired to the main igniter leads.. I installed an "airfoil/standoff" to use the Blacksky Launch Rail. I used one guide on the rail and the other on one of the outboard tubes.

It flew rather straight, until it was about 2/3 of the distance to apogee, when it started spiraling in the sky, possibly the added drag of the stand off.

ALWAYS pack the parachute properly, which is how it got retired (you get the idea don't u?) Spread 2 hour epoxy on the outside of the outboard tubes, trust me, you will want it, to prevent cato's . . .I had to rebuild it twice .

PRO's; good altitude, fun to fly
CON's; hard to wire, hard to build