Scratch Dunk R' Licker Original Design / Scratch Built

Scratch - Dunk R' Licker {Scratch}

Contributed by Patrick Bissonnette

Manufacturer: Scratch
(Contributed - by Patrick Bissonnette - 04/26/07)

Rocket PicBrief:
This is an odd-roc that is made from a lollipop/noise maker. It is a high drag design that flies well in small fields.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 Dunk R' Licker lollipop/noise maker
  • Estes yellow 18mm spacer tube
  • 13mm motor tube with block
  • Balsa for fins
  • 1/8in launch lug
  • Small streamer
  • Shock cord
  • Masking tape

Rocket PicThis is a relatively easy build. Start off by fitting the 18mm spacer tube inside the Dunk R' Licker. I had to use a little masking tape to make it really snug. Then glue your shock cord on one side of the tube. CA the 18mm tube into the Dunk R' Licker with the shock cord mount facing the top of the rocket (this is a rear ejection model). Friction fit the 13mm motor mount into the 18mm tube. Make sure this can slide rearward well for recovery. After the motor mount is good, glue the other end of the shock cord to the mount and attach the streamer.

I had to guess on the fins. Since it's pretty heavy on top, I used four 1/8in balsa fins of my own design. These are glued half on the yellow spacer tube and half on the main rocket body.

Since the nose is like a shot glass, you must make a launch lug standoff. I used a little balsa for this. The launch lug is actually part of a AeroTech igniter holder. These can be found with single use motors.

Rocket PicFinishing:
There is nothing to finish unless I paint the fins someday.

Flight and Recovery:
This has only flown once, but I've only had it for a week. I waited for a very calm day because I had no clue what would happen. We loaded an A10-3T in it and hoped for the best. It worked way better than I could have ever imagined and flew arrow straight to about 200ft with ejection just past apogee. The shock cord burned through and the rocket nose dove into the ground without any damage. We need to replace it with Kevlar® and its problems should be solved.

This is a funny odd-roc that will attract lots of attention. This was made completely out of junk around the house. Although high drag, it performs well for small fields. If anyone does decide to make this, I'd recommend Kevlar® thread for the shock cord.

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