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06.14.2010 Rocket Failure (2012-06-29)

This is a Clone of a LOC-Precision Forte. The motor is an Aerotech G40-4w Single Use. (old - purchased in 2003) This motor has a ring of 29mm Motor tube epoxied to the end to act as a motor block. Retention via Kaplow Klips. After landing, the motor block was still attached. It appears that the epoxy just let-go, and the motor exited the top of the rocket pushing the recovery out and the nose off. - No damage to the rocket other than a little charing of the inside of the motor mount. It will fly again.

ab2 (2011-09-16)
Astronaut Barbie Crashes (2011-12-29)

The Third and final launch for the Astronaut Barbie Rocket

Astronaut Barbie Flies (2011-12-29)

The second launch of Astronaut Barbie is a success.

deploy test (2011-10-13)
Late ejection = major zipper Super Big Bertha Rocket (2012-04-15)

A Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT F40-7. Late ejection charge results in a zipper that destroys the rocket. I decide that a zipperless (mid break) design will be part of the rebuild.

Onboard my L1 Certification flight 09.17.2011 (2011-09-19)
Rocket Girlz 2003 - HQ (2011-06-23)

7 year old girls fly model rockets in the park. A Barbie doll gets a rocket ride. The team wins a prize from rocket reviews

Rocket with onboard HD Video - Ultra Disco Bertha (2012-03-09)

The Ultra Disco Bertha flies at Midwest Power 9 on an Aerotech H128. Video shot with a #11 Keychain camcorder. This video was made while testing the "Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite". The camcorder records in 720p. Vegas can render in 1080p.

Rocket-ejection-test (2012-10-30)

Night vision test of baffel vs no baffel rocket ejection

Zipperless Rocket design = No damage to Super Big Bertha (2012-04-15)

The Rebuilt Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT H128-m. Late ejection charge results in NO DAMAGE to the rocket Zipperless (mid break) design proves successful with a late ejection at 2000 ft

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