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Model Rocket Launch from R/C Boat -- crashes and burns (2007-08-03)
This scratchbuilt recoverable rocket fires from the deck of the 40-inch RC destroyer "702" -- and has a problem. Rocket almost crashes into cameraman, who catches a few frames of the engine smoking ... [View]
Model Rocket w/Camera Crashes At Sea (2011-12-31)
This is an Estes Phoenix model rocket, fired from a scratch-built barge pushed by the Dumas electric tug "Farwell." The rocket, heavily damaged from prior misadventures (see our earlier videos), was ... [View]
Model Rocket Launch AT SEA: Water Landings, Crashes, and Other Misadventures (2018-07-21)
[Don't try this at home!] After many successful flights with our Estes Mercury Redstone on land, we decided to launch it from our seagoing barge ... but we didn't count on the complications that a ... [View]
model rocket launch from sea / f20-7W aerotech bernyer 1 secondo lancio (2016-08-26)
Secondo lancio avvenuto con successo del missile Bernyer 1 con a bordo un motore aerotech f20-7w. canale di frank mazzoni Second successful ... [View]