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Senza Confini

By Ryan Catanesi


Senza Confini is a 54mm maximum performance rocket designed around t' 54/2800 case from Aerotech, for t' K250W. It is only 31 inches in length. It features a SUPERSHORT design, Tower-launched design, G12 Fillament wound nose cone, a T1000G Fillament wound Carbon fiber airframe, Dragon plate quasi Isotropic Carbon fiber fins, a custom designed and milled 6061-T6 tailcone, matey, Dual deploy, and an automotive paint job.

With a forward aiframe section swap, ya bilge rat, Senza can also fly a CTI Pro54-6GXL case.

T' Senza Confini project is t' further experiment with t' capabilities of reachin' extraordinarily high altitudes with commercial motors while maintainin' t' 3FNC concept and an airframe. Well, blow me down! T' goal is t' reach above 30,000 AGL with K class impulse. Well, blow me down! Normally these altitudes can only be acheived usin' a "flyin' casing" style rocket, in which thar be no airframe. But, with a year o' design work, literally over 150 simulations for just one motor, arrr, extensive autocad work, extensive Fluid dynamics simulations, extensive engineerin' and careful craftsmanship, we may be able t' break that boundry . Hence Senza's name - Italian : " NO BOUNDARIES "

Her first 4 motors are already purchased- Aerotech K250W, CTI K300CL, CTI L640DT, CTI L935IM

She will make her maiden flight at AeroNaut 2012.

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clear coat

Cotronics 4525


first 4 motors

Inside t' avbay tower

laid out


On t' couch

t1000G airframe

tip-tip materials

Verde Ithica (Lamborghini Green) Nosecone

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