By Ryan Catanesi


" A fkn motor with a fkn nosecone on it!" - one who shall not be named...

54mm minimum diameter, 31 inches length for 54/2800. Adaptable for CTI 6GXL case. 1.89lbs empty. G12 nose, FWCF airframe, DP Quasi-iso fin cores, t-t, cotronics. 
May be the smallest and lightest rocket to have flown the CTI L935IM to date to my knowledge. [3/31/2021]

Built when I was in highschool. 

Flights to date. K250W (28K agl) , K300CL (30K) , L640Dt (28K Mach 2.7) , L935IM ( 29K Mach 3) , EX L1460 "Orion" (28K)   search for " Ryan C - L935Im" for example