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 Rocketry Product: Estes - The Shadow {Kit} (2094)

"Electric Shadow" dual deployment test flight E20-4W (2012-09-28)
After being damaged from a parachute that failed to deploy, I rebuilt my cluster-capable Estes Shadow (formerly known as "Naked Shadow IV") with an electronics bay for dual deployment capability and ... [View]
"Electric Shadow" on F32-6T and (2) C6's with Dual Deployment (2012-12-03)
My cluster, dual deploy, on-board video capable Estes Shadow, "The Electric Shadow," flying in a cluster of (1) AeroTech F32-6T and (2) Estes C6's with dual deployment. It was supposed to have a ... [View]
Estes Shadow and SA 14 Archer Nov 24, 2018 (2018-12-13)
Two of my favorite Models in flight...… captured from a Drone [View]
Estes Shadow F50 skid (2019-06-25)
a clone of the Estes "The Shadow" flying on a Cesaroni F50 Skidmark motor [View]
Estes The Shadow (E9-4) (2018-08-15)
I modified the motor mount with an Estes 24mm motor retainer and I left out the motor block and just put a tape thrust ring on the motor. [View]
Reno TRA 7/19/2014 Shadow F20 and Estes viking named "Bomber" almost hit each other (2014-07-23)
1:15 into video you see the tiny red parachute of the Shadow and the "Bomber" scream fast it missing it by only a couple of feet [View]
The Shadow, Estes 5/27/2019 (2019-05-27)
Shadow, model, rocket, estes, optima, semroc, centuri, E12-4, [View]