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2008-11-08 NEFAR Mega Cereal Bowl (2008-11-26)
Marc Slabbinck's "Mega Cereal Bowl" is launched several times (and captured from multiple angles and in slow-motion) at the 2008 NEFAR "Bunnell Blast" launch. [View]
2016-04-03 GRITS Launch (2016-04-09)
Aerial and slow-motion video of the 2016 GRITS launch in Southern Georgia. [View]
Dr. Zooch Saturn V Launch (High-Speed, Slow-Motion) (2009-09-26)
A Dr. Zooch Saturn V, built by Hans "Chris" Michielssen, is launched. I was recording the flight using my EX-F1 and didn't notice that the rocket was coing down right towards me. Chris managed a ... [View]
High Speed Launch Videos at EARS 3rd April 2011 (2011-04-03)
Collection of launch videos filmed at 300fps at EARS Rocket Club on 3rd April 2011 [View]
Impressive CATO - CIMG5749 (2011-04-14)
An impressive CATO at Red Glare X - note the visual example of inertia here. The CATO nearly STOPS the motor casing dead in its tracks but inertia keeps the rocket bottom half moving forward sliding ... [View]
LDRS 29 'Odd Rocket' (2010-06-18)
This was my entry in the LDRS 29 "Odd Rocket" competition including slow motion. The 'rocket' was found along the road on my way home from the previous month's rocket launch. [View]'s Rockets Gone Wild (2014-09-07)
A collection of video of things going a bit wrong at local rocket launches in Central Florida. Includes footage from NEFAR, ROCK, and TTRA launches. Thanks to our safety codes, no one was hurt ... [View]
Red Glare 8 MDRA VIII 2010 - CATO in Slow Motion - 240FPS (2010-04-20)
Red Glare 8 - MDRA Launch - V2 CATO in slow motion [View]
snow-ranch-2010-04-03.wmv (2010-04-06)
Compilation of 210 frames-per-second videos from LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, April 3, 2010. From Chili-Eatin' Charlie to a whole bunch of HPR, check out the TARC fwd closure issue at the end. [View]
Model Rocket Launch Slow Motion 3-Rockets (2012-03-26)
Three model rocket launches. Each is shown as recorded at 240 fps, and then again slowed down with video editing software. Enjoy. Estes Hornet on a C6-3 Estes Phoenix Bird on a C6-3 Quest Viper on a ... [View]
2008-06-07 ROCK Launch High-Speed Videos (2008-06-28)
Videos from ROCK's June launch recorded in high-speed. [View]
2008-07-10 ROCK Launch High-Speed Rocketry Video (2008-07-17)
The July 2008 ROCK launch captured in high-speed. [View]
2009-01-17 - Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association Launch (2009-01-21)
High-speed (slow-motion) videos from the January, 2009, TTRA launch. [View]
HS240 - Johns Rocket Delta cato 07-11-10 (2010-11-07)
John's hybrid rocket glider suffering a cato at EARS Rocket Club Meeting on 7th November 2010 - filmed on Fuji HS10 camera at 240fps [View]
snow ranch 03142009 0002 (2009-03-15)
LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, March 14, 2009. Gene's L3 launch in 420 fps. Three drag races in 210 fps. [View]
2013-02 - February 2, 2013 - ROCK Launch - Featuring The Dude (2013-02-03)
Slow-motion video from the ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL. [View]
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket Red Glare X - Day 1 (2011-04-08)
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket on an Aerotech E13-3 Taking off at 600 frames per second - Red Glare X - Day 1 [View]
Ejection Charge (2008-10-12)
This video shows what happens inside a rocket when the ejection charge fires. Captured at 1200 frames-per-second, this high-speed video illustrates dramatically why you need recovery wadding (or ... [View]
Estes Eagle CATO (2008-05-04)
An Estes motor CATO is captured at 1200 fps in this high-speed video. [View]
Estes Rocket StormCaster Kit Bash with High Speed Camera (2011-03-18)
Experiment with a Estes StormCaster. I decided to try something different with this kit. The rocket is built to look like some kind of transport. I did not do the final finish because I was not sure ... [View]
Golden Snitch launch April 10, 2010 at Cowatorium (2010-04-11)
Slow motion (210 frames per second) launch of an Estes Golden Snitch at the Michigan Farmers Hall of Fame April 10, 2010. NAR Section 500 SMASH sponsered launch. [View]
High speed video (1000 FPS) of an Aerotech D21 CATO (2010-09-09)
Aerotech D21 in a Quest Starhawk. A 2nd attempt was successful. [View]
lancio di un razzo hpr 300 FPS (2008-09-15)
lancio di un hpr motorizzato I ripreso da una telecamera a 1200 FPS  [View]
Slow Motion Launches (2010-08-23)
Several launches of Estes, Quest, Aerotech, and other models in slow motion from a Casio [View]
Launching a model rocket from Quest - the V.Courier with a D-Engine. It's a comparison slowmotion vs "real time-live view" Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 The intention of this video is to show the power of ... [View]
2019 SA Cup: High Power But Slow Motion Rockets (2019-08-26)
This video contain many rockets from the 2019 SA Cup and IREC Event. Chronos was kind enough to sponsor our event and film dozens of rockets. This is pretty much the raw combination of all their ... [View]
Burning Model Rocket Engine Underwater in 4K Slow Motion - Rockets (S1 • E4) (2017-07-14)
This time I take a estes Model Rocket Engine and Ignite it underwater to see just what happens, will it burn ? will it blow ?. All while filming it in 4k super slow motion, I found a few things very ... [View]
Burning Model Rocket Motor In Liquid Nitrogen - 4K Slow Motion (2017-11-09)
I try and burn a Model rocket engine submerged in liquid nitrogen to see what's going to happen, also filming with a 4k high speed ( slow motion ) camera it should yield some interesting results, ... [View]
Disappearing Act: Prelude on an I49N (2012-12-11)
Taking off in slow motion is my minimum mass, minimum diameter 38mm scratch built Disappearing Act, loaded with an Aerotech I49 Warp Nine end-burner. It used a preliminary fincan that isn't designed ... [View]
Doug Gerrard BDCR Big Dumb Camera Rocket M2400 (2020-08-02)
Cool Flight of Doug Gerrard BDCR (Big Dumb Camera Rocket) on an M-2400 From LDRS 29 DVD [View]
ERIG RHEA - Cesaroni Pro98 rocket (2020-01-08)
In october 2019 the Rhea team went to Poland to finally launch it with the full-size motor. The Polish Rocketry Society organized the launch event. It took place at a military ground with sufficient ... [View]
Estes Argent F-23fj (2017-07-22)
First flight of the Estes Argent with a single use Aerotech F23FJ. Successful low flight. [View]
Estes Optima (2011-04-26)
Estes Optima launched on a D12-3. Nice flight, camera was running at 120fps. [View]
Falcon 9 First Launch and Parachute Failure (Model Kit) (2018-04-22)
First launch Falcon 9 and Fairing Model Kit with D12-5 rocket engine. Camera: - Gopro Hero 5 Black - Iphone 5C - DJI Mavic Pro - Mate 808 HD 1080p #18 Music: David BOWIE - Starman [View]
FlisKits Deuces Wild (2019-05-19)
Rays FlisKits Deuces Wild flown at CATO #269. [View]
FlisKits Praetor 2 Stage (2019-05-19)
Ray’s 2 Stage FlisKits Praetor. Flown at CATO #269. [View]
HV Arcas G40 7W slomo (2016-05-30)
this is my HV ARCAS with a G40-7W Motor. sorry for bad quality and not sidewayfilming. 1/4 slomo [View]
Launching Model Rocket From Underwater (In 4K Slow Motion) (2020-04-09)
Just for fun I decided to build a model rocket and launch it from underwater while filming it with the high speed camera in slow motion. this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now ... [View]
Little Joe II (2011-06-03)
Scale model, Apollo Little Joe II [View]
Mark Wise L1 Cert Attempt ICBM Launch (2013-11-07)
Mark Wise attempts to certify Level 1 at Naram. A little background is needed for this video to make sense. We use all kinds of adhesives (glue) to build our rockets. two of the most common are CA ... [View]
Mega Der Red Max Rocket Slow Motion Takeoff (2016-11-11)
Mega Der Red Max Rocket first flight using a G40-7W White Thunder motor. The takeoff was captured in slow motion from an iPhone. This Rocket is 40" tall, 4" in diameter and weighs 31 oz. [View]
Nothing but spool Slow-Mo launch (2013-05-19)
This is the test launch of my rocket "Nothing but spool" on an Estes A3-4T 13mm motor - my entry for the upcoming 'go small' comp for the Rocketfest XVIII launch. [View]
Scratch built 24mm model rocket on am Aerotech F44W-8. 1/8th speed, 240 fps (2019-07-24)
You can hear what I believe is the crack of it going supersonic, then almost immediately dropping out. OpenRocket puts max speed at Mach 1.01, 346.6 m/s, 775.4 mph. Never saw the parachute and ... [View]
See Through Model Rocket Engine - Behind The Scenes - Outtakes 8sec = 30min (2017-05-20)
This is the full length clip as viewers have requested from See Through Model Rocket Engine - FULL ENGINE - Slow Motion 4K  [View]
See Through Model Rocket Engine - FULL ENGINE in Slow Motion 4K - Rockets (S1 • E2) (2017-05-16)
A Model Rocket Engine that you can See Through, see inside, how it works and burns through the various stages, I filmed it in 4k slow motion and ultra slow motion so we can see exactly how the fuel ... [View]
Slow Motion Gap Staging Failure (2017-07-11)
A slow motion illustration of a gap staged model rocket's failure to ignite the upper stage. This can happen if the booster motor pressurizes the booster body tube when the motor's propellant burns ... [View]
Slow motion High Power Rocket Launch (2018-06-11)
Estes Ventris PSII CTI H125 Skidmark Est. Altitude 2350 ft. Lift off acceleration of 28.9 G Recovered safely with a chute release at 300 feet. Video shot at 960 fps. Tripoli Minnesota [View]
Solid fuel model rocket A8- Motor watch whole thing! (2016-11-26)
Takes a wile to launch but if you wait it is awesome [View]
Space Shuttle Scale model RC - Flight at Manching 2017 (2017-08-07)
Space shuttle RC, Scale Model, radio controlled glider [View]