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Manufacturer: Public Missiles
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  • Public Missiles Small Endeavour By Al Casper

    Public Missiles - Endeavour review is provided courtesy of: PML's Small Endeavor, featuring the Quantum Tube Assembly, Quantum Tube Tests, Finishing, Launch By: Al Casper Public Missiles is now offering the new Quantum body tubes in several of their kits. The tubes are gray in color and made from a special blended polymer. PML claims you can drop it, squeeze it, even throw it, ...

  • Public Missiles Small Endeavour By Brian Sutton courtesy of WildRocketry.Com

    (by Brian Sutton courtesy of WildRocketry.Com) A couple of months ago, Charlie, the owner of HobbyTown USA in Brea, CA told me he was bringing in PML kits I started getting excited. I told him to hold on to a Pterodactyl Jr. for me (See Kerry's review of the kit ). When they came in, I opened the shipping box for Charlie and pulled out the Pterry (sorry Kerry). I found the kit easy to ...


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