Rocketry Videos

By smooresculpture

Red Glare 18 3 inch Darkstar CTI K454 skidmark (2016-04-10)
Wildman 3 inch Darkstar on a cti k454 Skidmark [View]

Red Glare XI C-Star (2011-11-26)
Rocket with CTI C-Star motor [View]

Red Glare XI Cheroke M (2011-11-26)
M power sparky, what's not to like? [View]

Red Glare XI Iris (2011-11-26)
N5000 in a scale Iris rocket [View]

Red Glare XI King Kraken (2011-11-26)
Pemb Tech King Kraken on a G185, don't blink [View]

Red Glare XI Pac-3 Patriot (2011-11-26)
2.6" Pac 3 on an F50, listen for the whistle. The rocket was lost on sunday, drifting eastward. If found please contact MDRA. Thank you. [View]

Red Glare XI patriot (2011-11-19)
Performance Rocketry 1/4 patriot on a CTI I223 skidmark [View]

Red Glare XI Phoenix (2011-11-26)
4" Madcow phoenix on an H154 [View]

Red Glare XI Pink Flamingo (2011-11-26)
Pink Estes Big Daddy on Aerotech F25W [View]

Red Glare XI Ultimate Wildman (2011-11-26)
A L3 attempt on an Ultimate Wildman on M power [View]

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