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1200 lb. thrust PVC Kno3/Sugar rocket (2011-05-29)

60 Pound Kno3/Sugar PVC engine 2 stage cluster and regular Kno3/Sugar Coyote Rocket flights.

Dual K500 flights with on-board video (2011-06-22)

Yet another attempt to fly and recover the same rocket twice in one day. This is getting old.

Finally, everything works perfectly....twice in one day! (2011-06-24)

It took some time but the apogee detector seems to finally have all the bugs worked out of it. One rocket, two beautiful flights in one day.

K500 Sugar rocket with on-board video (2011-06-15)

We were so close this time. Great launch and on-board video, I'm sure next month will be the one!

Kno3 Sugar Rocket with on-board video 2nd attempt (2011-06-15)

Second attempt to launch and recover the same Coyote Rocket twice in one day.

Mechanical Apogee Detector (2011-08-27)
PVC Sugar rocket flight with on-board video (2011-06-15)

The latest launch of the Coyote rocket. This rocket had on-board video in the nosecone and was recovered intact. The upper rocket body was damaged by the parachute cord but could be launched again with just a little repair. My goal to launch the Coyote rocket twice in the same day is proving to be more elusive than I had planned but that's part of the fun of amateur rocketry. Next month for sure!

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