Rocketry Videos

By solidskateboards

1200 lb. thrust PVC Kno3/Sugar rocket (2009-10-04)
60 Pound Kno3/Sugar PVC engine 2 stage cluster and regular Kno3/Sugar Coyote Rocket flights. [View]

Dual K500 flights with on-board video (2010-03-15)
Yet another attempt to fly and recover the same rocket twice in one day. This is getting old. [View]

K500 Sugar rocket with on-board video (2010-08-28)
We were so close this time. Great launch and on-board video, I'm sure next month will be the one! [View]

Kno3 Sugar Rocket with on-board video 2nd attempt (2010-02-02)
Second attempt to launch and recover the same Coyote Rocket twice in one day. [View]

PVC Sugar rocket flight with on-board video (2010-01-25) (DELETED)
The latest launch of the Coyote rocket. This rocket had on-board video in the nosecone and was recovered intact. The upper rocket body was damaged by the parachute cord but could be launched again ... [View]

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