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High Power Rocket. On Board Video from Southern Thunder 2009 (2009-06-28)
My rocket "Research 3" flying at Southern Thunder on a K800 Blue Baboon to 6,200' [View]
Andrew Grippo L930 (2008-06-25)
Andrew Grippo's rocket on a Loki L930 at Southern Thunder 2008 [View]
Competitor 4 J365SK (2008-06-25)
My Competitor 4 on an AMW J365SK at ST08. [View]
Crazy Jim's Drag Race Round II at Southern Thunder 2007 (2007-06-12)
Featuring Andrew Grippo's Rene Rocket on a Loki K350 Moon Burner. Whitney Richard's Research One Rocket on an Animal Motor Works K555 Skidmark. [View]
HyperTEK M960 Certification Flight (2012-03-23)
More legacy video; this was my first attempt at TRA Level III, and one of the last times that I ever flre commercial model rocket hybrids... Have a look see. The event was Souther Thunder 2005 [View]
Mike Sig K270W (2008-06-25)
Mike Sig's Competitor 3 on an AT K270W at ST08. [View]
X-104 Morganza Project (2011-06-20)
Tripoli High Power Rocket. H motor class altitude record attempt. [View]
First Dual Deployment (2008-06-27)
This is my first dual deployment flight. The rocket is a LOC Hi-Tech 45 and it was flown at Southern Thunder late in the afternoon on 6/21/06. [View]
Mad Max - CTI J760 - 4187' (2013-07-03)
4" Mad Max Southern Thunder 6/23/2013 CTI J760 4187' [View]