Pemberton Technologies - Space Ark Kit

CP Method: Manufacturer
CP Position From Front: 22.00 inches
Manufacturer: Pemberton Technologies
Product Type: Kit
  • Pemberton Technologies - Space Ark {Kit} By Lester Anderson (April 11, 2013)

    Bought this kit based on it's looks. I have a weakness for space ships, real or Sci-Fi inspired. Overall Rating: 4

  • Pemberton Technologies - Space Ark {Kit} By Drake "Doc" Damerau

    Brief: The Space Ark was the spaceship that took the lucky few people to a new world in the 1951 classic movie When Worlds Collide . This perfect replica kit fits well in to your collection of "retro" kits or anti-3FNC kits. This kit flies on G and H motors and comes with a nice nylon (oversized) chute. Construction: This kit looks deceptively simple to build. There ...

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