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2019 SA Cup: High Power But Slow Motion Rockets (2019-08-26)
This video contain many rockets from the 2019 SA Cup and IREC Event. Chronos was kind enough to sponsor our event and film dozens of rockets. This is pretty much the raw combination of all their ... [View]
Cyclone Rocketry at the Spaceport America Cup (2019) (2019-07-01)
After 10 months of designing, manufacturing, and assembling our competition rocket Nova Somnium, we were finally able to attend the Spaceport America Cup and launch as a 2nd year club! Thank you to ... [View]
GoPro: Experimental Rockets to 30,000 Feet (2018-05-18)
Deep in the New Mexico desert, strap in for the Spaceport America Cup, Intercollegiate Rocket Competition where 10-50 foot tall experimental rockets launch to altitudes of 30,000 feet. Max ... [View]
Hoch hinaus. Der Weg zum Spaceport America Cup - ARIS Teil 1 (2019-06-20)
ARIS ist ein Team von Studierenden aus allen Fachrichtungen der ETH Zürich und anderen Fachhochschulen. Sie teilen eine Leidenschaft: Die Raumfahrt. Ihr Ziel im Juni 2019: Rakete Heidi am ... [View]
Pioneer Rocketry Spaceport America Cup 2019 Test Launch (2019-04-30)
First test launch of our rocket "Something Cheesy" on an 98mm Aerotech M1845. Dual Foxeer Legend cameras at the bottom of the rocket captured video until burnout when the tracking smoke fouled the ... [View]