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AKA: Spiro

Location: Houston, TX

Certification Level: N/A

Club Memberships: NASA Houston Rocket Club

Favorite Rockets: Madcow 3" Sport-X

Favorite Quote:

Sounds like you need a 10cc shot of "Suck It Up". Pages:


3" Sport-X


1st Flight of the MadCow 3" Sport-X.  LOVED the G76G-7 Mojave Green.  Lots of boost and a loud, awesome green flame.  Rocket cruised to ~ 1200ft and deployed chute at Apogee.  All seemed well until I recovered the rocket to find that my nosecone had separated from the ... [More]


Greetings from the FNG


Howdy everyone.  New guy here.  Looking forward to posting some upcoming builds, etc.  Have loved this site for a while now, thought it was high-time that I joined and contributed. Steve   [More]

Stephen Agnew


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