Rocketry Videos

By sschnege

"Thing One" on a Cesaroni I303 Blue Streak motor to 2,506 ft. AGL (2012-02-01)
Second flight of the day with new coupler section and electronics bay (Featherweight Altimeters' Raven2 in use as altimeter). Blue Streak lights fast and jumps off the pad nicely. [View]

"Thing One" second flight on a Cesaroni I195 Red Lightning motor (3 grain) (2011-07-05)
Second flight of a scratch-built 4" rocket, weighing just under 7 lbs and standing a hair over 7 feet tall. Dual-deploy electronics (Featherweight Altimeters Raven2) were onboard, and triggered the ... [View]

2010 Neuse River District Spring Camporee Rocketry Compilation (2010-04-15)
Space Exploration Merit Badge session, plus high-power demonstrations of a flying saucer ( on a 38mm "G" Skidmark motor. The purple rockets are Estes Firestreak SST kits (s ... [View]

38mm Art Applewhite "Delta" Saucer on a Cesaroni G78 Blue Streak motor (2011-12-18)
Fiberglass/epoxy-reinforced paper/fiberboard saucer on a Cesaroni 38mm 1-grain G78 "Blue Streak" motor. Blue Streak really jumps off the pad! Wheeeeee!! Art sells an assortment of great saucer kits ... [View]

7-foot "Thing One" on a 4-grain 38mm Cesaroni I223 Skidmark sparky motor (2011-11-20)
A 7-foot x 4" rocket called Thing One," roughly 7.5 lbs with electronics and propellant, on a Cesaroni I223 "Skidmark" sparky motor. @#(*&@# phone was set to record at 720x480, so unfortunately it's ... [View]

7-foot "Thing One" on a 4-grain 38mm Cesaroni I303 "Blue Streak" motor (2011-12-18)
Raven2 altimeter says it hit 294mph in 1.908 seconds and rocket (7.5 lbs) reached 2402 feet AGL. Perfect flight on a cold, windy day. Look for the glint of the iridescent fins toward the center ... [View]

7-foot "Thing One" on a 5-grain 38mm Cesaroni I303 "Blue Streak" motor (2011-12-18)
A beautiful flight on a Cesaroni 38mm I216 Classic White "Longburn" motor with a 3-second burn time. 314mph on the way up, and probably 65mph+ into the ground. [Insert sad face.] It was immediately ... [View]

Aerotech Mirage First Flight on AT F40W (2010-11-22)
First flight of a stock built Aerotech Mirage kit (29mm motor mount, 7' 3" tall, 2lb 6.5oz without motor). Running out of daylight due to the many launches that day and also a prior failure to ... [View]

Aerotech Mirage Level 1 Certification Flight (successful) (2011-07-05)
This was second flight of the day... after first test flight on a G motor failed to open the chute, and broke a fin. A little bit of 5-minute epoxy, and the Mirage was flight-ready again, for a ... [View]

Aerotech Mirage on a 29mm Aerotech G53FJ "Black Max" motor (2011-01-23)
After 3 failed attempts to ignite an Aerotech G76G "Green Mojave" motor ($6 down the tubes just for igniters) on this rocket, I switched to a different motor: a G53 Fast Jack "Black Max" smokey ... [View]

High-Power Rocketry Flight with 720p HD Camera (2012-04-17)
A 4" x 8-foot / 7.5 pound high-power rocket ("Thing One") on a 4-grain 38mm Cesaroni I255 Red Lightning motor. A full high-def 720p camera was taped to the side. Max altitude was 2,264 feet, and ... [View]

Mid-power rocketry (2010-09-28)
First flight of an Art Applewhite 10" saucer on an Aerotech F40W [View]

PML AMRAAM2 1:7 scale AIM-120 missile (2010-11-21)
First launch on a Cessaroni F39 "Smoky Sam" motor with 6s delay. Motor was underpowered for this rocket, not quite comparable to the Aerotech F40W, so the delay was quite late. PML kits are sturdy, ... [View]

PML AMRAAM2 on a Cessaroni G88 "Smokey Sam" motor (2011-01-24)
PML 1:7 Scale AIM-120 AMRAAM missile on a Cessaroni G88 "Smokey Sam" motor [View]

Stretched 8-foot 3-inch Aerotech Mirage on Cessaroni G80/G88 motors (2011-01-31)
Successful launches of the stretched Mirage (8' 3" with payload bay). Still shots are from the second launch on a Cessaroni G88 "Skidmark" sparky motor, and the video portion is from the first ... [View]

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