Estes - Starbird Kit

Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 0.98 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 19.50 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1954
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Plan (JimZ):
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: ?-?
Recommended Motors: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 2
Style: Futuristic/Exotic
  • Estes - Starbird {Kit} (1954) [?-?] By Jeff Curtis (July 27, 2020)

    I'm always keeping an eye on eBay for out-of-production kits.  About a year ago I spotted an Estes Starbird kit.  It had been opened, which must have hurt interest as I was the only bidder.  All parts were accounted for and I was happy for my good fortune. While essentially a 3FNC rocket, the three-section fins move it to the realm of the unusual.  It's not an easy kit ...

Plans and Instructions
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  • Jeff Curtis for Updating Product Attributes


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