Quest - Starhawk Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Product Type: Kit
  • Quest StarHawk By E. Kociba (April 16, 2012)

    This is an easy-to-build rocket intended for groups.  I'm comparing it to an Estes Generic E2x in this review.     Components The name of the game is "simple-to-fly" with this rocket.  Plastic fins, a launch lug that is already molded into the fin can, and a simple streamer recovery make this the most foolproof rocket I'll ever assemble.  ...

  • Quest Starhawk By Matt Gillard

    Brief: A 4FNC rocket designed for speed. I bought three of them on eBay. They came in a plastic bag without the usual card insert, so I have no idea what its color scheme is suppose to be. After visiting the Quest website, it seems that this rocket is from the education section and not intended for general sale. Construction: The parts list: motor clip blue thrust ring ...

  • Quest Starhawk By Ken Johnson

    An education-series rocket that can only be purchased in bulk. Perfect for a group of scouts, a school project, church groups, or someone who just wants a ton of the same rocket, for whatever reason. The individual kits come in a clear plastic bag, and contain a plastic nose cone molded in orange, a plastic fin assembly of the same color, a mylar launch lug, a length of Kevlar ® shock ...

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