By Chun Mak


Diameter:0.9800 inches
Length:20.0000 inches

A fast build if you want something quick to launch or to do while glue is drying on something else. The kit says that it can be snapped together including the 2 halves fin can with friction fitted pegs and the fins slide into slots.  The pre-colored body tube (BT-50) with pre-punched holes, snaps onto clips on the fin can and the thru-wall shock cord mount has an inside locking clip.  Launch lugs are pre-molded into the fin can and engine retainer screws onto the bottom.  I prefer to add some strength and not have it fly apart when it hits the ground, so I run some liquid plastic cement in the seams of the fins and fin can, shock cord mount and some gel cement between the fin can and body tube. 

Decals are 6pc self-stick with an Estes logo, 2 name banners, a large pattern wraparound and 2 pc cockpit canopy stickers.  Trim the clear sections of the canopy stickers for a cleaner look and easier to wrap around the curved surface.  Also trim the sharp corners off the name banners so that they don't lift off over time.  Standard Estes 12" pre-assembled parachute and blow-molded plastic nosecone.  For mods, I added a snap-swivel for the shroud lines and a flame-retardant cloth onto the shock cord instead of wadding.

Total build time is about 20 minutes including additional gluing and putting on stickers.