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Aerotech Arreaux First Flight (2011-05-29)

Flew on an AT F52-8T reload at the Tripoli ICBM Orangeburg SC launch, 8 Feb 09. Winds were about 10-15 mph. The rocket is stock, save for an extra long, tubular nylon recovery harness.

Aerotech Arreaux G71 (2011-11-04)

Tripoli Vegas Oktoberfest

BSD Thor 4" on Aerotech K540 Metalstorm (2011-05-29)

Superb flight to just over 5800' AGL. Two altimeters, a Perfectflight MAWD and a Missleworks RRC2 Mini. This reload uses the 54/1706 motor case. This was at the Tripoli Las Vegas Springfest launch.

Fliskits Deuce's Wild First Flight (2012-04-10)

Flying on two Quest B6-4 motors. One kicked out just after burn out--good thing the other was enough to eject the chute.

Lauren's Dragonfly mid-power rocket takes flight! (2011-05-29)

My daughter built this Christmas present rocket and flew it yesterday at the Tripoli Orangeburg ICBM monthly launch. This first flight was on an Aerotech F20-7W single use motor. Two subsequent flights on AT G38-7Js showed that a little more thrust eliminates the launch wiggle you see here.

Level 2 High Power Rocketry Certification (2011-05-29)

This was my first attempt at a Tripoli Level 2 certification. This launch was on 8 Feb 09 at the ICBM Orangeburg SC launch. The rocket is a stretched BSD 38 Special flying on a Pro38 J285 motor. The dual deployment was from a Perfectflite MAWD using Newton's Third ejection canisters.

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