Steve Tripoli Level 2 Rocket Launch 17 Oct 2009

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Published:2009-10-17 19:57:53

Well 18 years after joining High Power Rocketry and nearly 50 years after launching my first 2 newton-second rocket - today in The Netherlands in a Beet Field near Emmeloord I had a successful 648 newton-second flight. PML Endeavour kit modified with a CPR3000 altimeter-actuated dual deployment - you'll see almost none of that here but believe me - this rocket (my height but thinner than thou...) reached about 2400 feet (731 meters). Apogee altimeter-activated ejection was "drogue-less" - but the rocket danced downward without drifting - then at just under 200 meters the main 54" parachute was ejected and a slow, soft landing for a 90 second flight! Enjoy!

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