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Super Nova Payloader

By Jonathan Rogers

Estes - Super Nova Payloader {Kit} (2155) [1998-2000]

Great rocket and great build as long as you dont miss 3 key details. First check the fit on the engine tube. mine was too long and I didn't realize it until i as trying to glue it together, trim or sand as needed. Second, sand and use epoxy for the motor mount housing and fins. the plastic is slick and testors model cement does not bond well and is too brittle. I had to scrape it out and re-do it with epoxy. Last, use epoxy for the payload bay, again testors model cement is too brittle and you will end up replacing it. Over all a great build and a great rocket. loud, low slow flights on C11-3. loud slow high flights on D12-5, probably my favorite rocket my collection at this point. I added an ejection charge baffle and a 6in mad cow parachute protector, no more melted parachutes and excessive wadding for the large tube. Cut the hole on the dotted line in the parachute, it was drifting too long, much better. will be upgrading the shock cord to a longer kevlar cord in the near future. Flies nice and straight, very stable.

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