By Gerrit Rickwalt


Diameter:0.9800 inches
Length:16.6000 inches





We started building the Estes "TAZZ" (short for Tasmanian Devil, perhaps?).

Not shown in the first few steps is the sealing of the fins.

The fins were sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and then sealed with sanding sealer and are now being sanded for the first time after the sealer has dried.

This will be repeated, using finer and finer grit paper until the desired finish is achieved.



After the fins were sanded, a second coat of sealer was applied.

As this second coat of sealer was drying, we began the construction of the motor mount assembly.

Not shown in this build thread is the attachment of the green centering rings and engine hook.

Those were done in a previous step and we forgot to take pictures. 



Today we got the nosecone glued in and made some modifications...

There is a plastic ring near the rocket motor end of the body tube.  We thought this might bind up on the launch rod, so we attached the launch lug to a scrap piece of balsa, creating a small standoff.

The "hinges" were plastic tape that we didn't care for, so we opted to use model airplane hinges instead.  These were glue on with medium viscosity superglue and seem to be very well attached.

A test hinge was used with this same method and when we tried to do a "destructive test" on this hinge, it ripped off parts of the balsa, itself, indicating a sufficiently strong bond.