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Booger! (2011-06-23)

Tripoli North Branch 9/12/09 launch. Booger is a Blue Tube rocket I built from spare parts and remains of crashed rockets from over the years. The fins came from a PML Quasar, Giantleap and PML rings/bulkheads, nose cone from a LOC Vulcanite and a Rocketman motor retainer.

Harvey, the rocket powered chocolate rabbit! (2011-06-23)

A video I took in May 2007 of Wayne Johnson's plastic chocolate bunny converted to rocket power. Harvey has never been known to be *stable* :)

High power rocket L motor to 12k feet! (2011-06-23)

This is Steve Canniff's L motor rocket going to 12k feet. The rocket was setup for dual-deployment but the main chute came out at apogee and drifted off to the next county.

Michael Koppelman's rocket on a AMW L1300BB (2011-06-26)

Tripoli MN North Branch's Michael Koppelman's minimal diameter rocket burning up the sky on a AMW L1300 Blue Baboon. Mach 1.8 and 12k'!

Michael Koppelman's rocket on a I357! (2011-06-23)

Michael Koppelman's rocket on a AT I357. The main chute never deployed and it landed hard. Didn't look like it got any damage though. Hopefully Michael will post a update here on the result.

My Tripoli level 2 certification flight! (2014-01-17)

Tripoli North Branch MN 6/13/09 launch. Performance Rocketry G3 Perfectflite HiAlt45K AMW/PRO-X J745 Wild Wolf Rocketman 6' chute Altitude 5909' Perfect flight, perfect recovery! That cheesy smile of mine was a front for my extreme nervousness :)

Onboard Video Test Rocket (2011-06-23)

Just a very simple rocket for me to test out aerial video using a $30 CVS digi camcorder. Worked out a lot better than I hoped for.

Tripoli North Branch MN Big Yeller rocket! (2011-06-23)

Tripoli North Branch Minnesota's 200lb Big Yeller catching some air on a O4500 made by Dave Leininger. Perfect flight but there there was damage to one fin. We suspect the fin damage occurred during deployment.

Tripoli North Branch MN May 2009 launch (2011-05-29)

Bill Assimes rocket with a ACME fin can. This thing was LOUD! The audio on my vidcam doesn't do it justice.

Univeristy of Minnesota Rocket Club's Mach 1 rocket (2012-12-13)

U of M's rocket flying on a AMW J500 Green Gorilla. Projected performance, mach 1 and 8000'.

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