Rocketry Videos

By tfish38

Fin Attachment (2011-03-23)
Attaching the fins using a fin jig [View]

Nose Cone Layup - Part 3 (2011-03-06)
Laying up a fiberglass nose cone [View]

s4 Rocket: Build Part 6 Fin Fillets (2014-01-20)
Part 6 Fin Fillets, Small Satellites for Secondary Students program sponsored by NASA and put on by Sonoma State University with some help from AeroPac. For the rest of the build you will always need ... [View]

Tony's Balls 2009 (2009-10-05)
64" Dr. Rockets motor 20,000N/s N3000 49 pound rocket on the pad [View]

Tuff Enough (2011-08-09)
98mm hand layed fiberglass rocket flying on a N1397 motor [View]

tuff enough flight #2 (2011-10-04)
Tuff Enough..98mm min dia hand layed fiberglass rocket flying on a N1700 Swamp Gas. Flew to 37K 2.2 mach [View]

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