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By The Rocket N00b

2015 Rocket Launch Slo Mo Supercut (2016-01-04)
All of the model rocket and high power rocket launches I caught on video in 2015, played in slow motion. Not all of these are mine. Some of them were built and flown by the Ivy Tech Rocket Kids, and ... [View]

2016 Rocket Launch Slo Mo Supercut (2016-12-31)
103 individual rocket launches - some with two rockets at a time. My blog: Joe Barnard's website: Music from Yann Tiersen's album EUSA. Je suis super fana. [View]

Airfoiling Plywood Fins - Estes Leviathan (2016-08-06)
Sanding the plywood fins of a mid power model rocket (the Estes Leviathan) into an airfoil shape [View]

Ceres B Rocket with Hidden Camera - First Flight (2016-05-01)
Ceres B, a model rocket designed by Mike Westerfield, from the book Make: Rockets: Down-to-Earth Rocket Science, carrying a camera payload, an altimeter, and a Jolly Logic Chute Release [View]

Claire's Rocket - Estes Hi Flier (2015-06-21)
At the Ivy Tech College for Kids model rocketry camp, Claire launches her Estes Hi Flier on an A8-3 motor - and achieves the highest altitude in the class! [View]

Der Red Max Rocket Launch With Improvised Camera Boom (2015-04-06)
My friend Chad taped his phone to a long pole, and got some surprisingly good footage. [View]

Estes Nike Smoke (Pro Series II) First Flight (2016-09-24)
The Estes Nike Smoke Pro Series II rocket launched for the first time in Berwick, Maine, on a G40-7 composite motor. Jolly Logic Chute Release was set for 400 feet. [View]

Estes Partizon Rocket - First Flight (2015-11-26)
My Estes Partizon Pro Series II rocket flying for the first time, on a CTI F31 motor. After a day of my low power rockets suffering damage, it was nice to have a good flight. [View]

High Power Rocketry Level 1 Certification Flight (2016-09-21)
I successfully did my HPR L1 certification attempt on September 17, 2016, in Berwick, Maine, with an Estes Leviathan. The motor was a Cesaroni H133 with a 9-second delay. Apart from a little mud on ... [View]

Indoor Spray Painting - Positive Pressure Booth Part 2 (2017-07-01)
I did the first test of the positive pressure indoor spray painting booth on the Quest Superbird model rocket. The rocket came out looking nice, but the booth needed a little tweaking before using it ... [View]

Quest Quadrunner First Flight (2015-09-30)
Finally launched my Quest Aerospace Quadrunner, a 4-motor cluster rocket, on 4 Estes C6-7 motors. This rocket flies fast and high! It was a beautiful flight, tough recovery, but really worth the ... [View]

Rocket Building - The Quest Superbird - Part 3 - Centering Ring Trouble (2016-11-20)
The centering rings for the Quest Superbird were way too small! Instead of 35mm rings, my kit included 30mm rings. [View]

Rocket Building - The Quest Superbird - Part 4 - Centering Ring Solutions! (2016-11-22)
I figured out how to fix the centering ring problem on the Superbird model rocket, and realized I could easily convert it to a D-powered vehicle. [View]

Slow Motion Gap Staging Failure (2017-07-11)
A slow motion illustration of a gap staged model rocket's failure to ignite the upper stage. This can happen if the booster motor pressurizes the booster body tube when the motor's propellant burns ... [View]

The Semroc Sabre Parasite Glider (for Model Rockets) (2019-04-12) gave away a new Sabre Parasite Glider kit from Semroc at NARCON 2019. It's an easy, fun build and can be flown on most model rockets without modifying the way they're built. [View]

Trident 3-Motor Cluster Model Rocket First Flight (2016-01-12)
First flight of a three-motor clustered model rocket. This was my first design. [View]

Unboxing Signal Alpha (2017-11-22)
Joe Barnard sent me Signal Alpha, the first generation of the Signal Avionics thrust vectoring kit! = [View]

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