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"Max Attack" High Power Rocketry Flight (2011-08-19)

The flight of the "Max Attack" at LDRS 25 in Amarillo, TX July 1st 2006. This was my Level 3 Cert. flight. The motor is a Loki M1882.

"MoonShot" High Power Model Rocketry (2012-02-07)

High Power Model Rocketry flight of the "MoonShot". Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard

12 09 06 High Cotton (2011-06-24)

December 9th 2006. "High Cotton" High Power rocket launch. Filmed on location in Winnsboro, LA. Presented by Tripoli Rocketry Association of Louisiana. Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard

AirFest 2012 "Three Stooges Drag Race" (2012-10-10)

Three, 3" minimum diameter rockets with 3 Moonburners. Provided here for your entertainment. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the show!

BALLS 20 Three Stage Rocket (2012-01-11)

This is a three stage rocket N to N to M

BayouRat Rocketry's Mid-Power Rail System (2011-11-19)

Are you tired of 1/4" rods wiping your mid power rockets all over the sky. With todays high thrust motors you need somthing more. We have the answer. The Mid-Power Rail System. Fit's any launch pad that will take a 1/4" rod.

Crazy Jim's Drag Race Round II at Southern Thunder 2007 (2011-12-31)

Featuring Andrew Grippo's Rene Rocket on a Loki K350 Moon Burner. Whitney Richard's Research One Rocket on an Animal Motor Works K555 Skidmark.

HIGH COTTON 12.09.06 (2011-06-28)

Tripoli Louisiana High Power Rocket Launch. In Winnsboro, LA

High Power Rocket "The Max Attack" M900 ST2009 (2012-09-19)

My rocket the "Max Attack" flying on a M900 Red Loki Motor. At Southern Thunder 2009

High Power Rocket Launch I vs. L Drag Race Tripoli Louisiana 02/19/2011 (2011-05-29)

I vs. L Drag Race Tripoli Louisiana 02/19/2011

High Power Rocket. 54mm diameter Rocket Shred (2011-06-25)

This is the flight of my 54mm rocket on a Aerotech K1100 Blue Thunder motor. The rocket shreds at Mach 1.5

High Power Rocket. On Board Video from Southern Thunder 2009 (2011-07-02)

My rocket "Research 3" flying at Southern Thunder on a K800 Blue Baboon to 6200'

LDRS Science Channel Trailer (2011-11-05)

The Cajun Coalition Attends LDRS with a rocket powered TIki Bar

LDRS XXX High Power Rocket (2011-10-22)

Yesterday I flew my 3" rocket to 15000' on a Loki Research Demo motor. It was about an L1500. 2.8 second burn. The flight was crazy fast.

Little Bone Dog J450 (2011-06-28)

High Power Rocket, A combination of my Bones rocket with my Little Dog rocket. Flying on a J450 at TRA-LA Launch Oct. 16, 2010

MaxAttack ST 2010 (2011-09-18)
My 3" Rocket "Kryptonite" Flying on a Research L Moonburner. (2012-01-11)

This is at the RocktoberSkies launch in Talladega, AL. Oct. 19, 2011

My 4x Upscaled Alpha Onboard Video At Rocktober Skies 2011 (2011-12-29)

Here is an OnBoard video shot from my 4x Upscaled Alpha at the Rocktober Skies Launch in Talladega, AL.

ScottTaylor XST III (2011-09-18)
Southern Thunder 2007 (2012-02-07)

The Southern Thunder High Power Rocket Launch in Manchester, TN Video was shot on location June 2007 Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard

Tripoli Louisiana High Cotton High Power Rocketry Launch March 4, 2006 (2012-07-05)

Video movie shot on location at the March 4th, 2006 High Cotton High Power rocket launch in Winnsboro, LA Bayourat Productions Producer: Whitney Richard

X-104 Morganza Project (2011-07-31)

Tripoli High Power Rocket. H motor class altitude record attempt.

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