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AIM-120 AMRAAM Model Rocket (2011-08-08)

AIM-120 Launched at Roc Lake 13.

Alpha 3 Rocket Launch (2011-09-24)

First launch of my Estes Alpha 3. Complete success!!! All systems worked normally. for info

Cluster Model Rocket With Onboard Camera (2011-08-13)

Model rocket with onboard camera. Everything worked better than we could have expected. Estimated altitude is between 500 and 740 ft AGL. The rocket flew on a cluster of 3 C6-5's with a total impulse of 27 newton seconds and a max thrust of 9.5lbs.

How to Roll Your Own Model Rocket Body Tube (2011-09-22)

Model rocket body tubes are overpriced in retail stores, that's why I decided to make my own.

Photon Model Rocket Test (P-111) (2011-06-03)

Early test of a Photon model rocket. Parachute did not deploy.

Roc Lake 13: Onboard Video (2011-08-13)

Video from a WingTote HobbyCam on a scratch built "Skyseeker" powered by a D12-7. Flight was perfect

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