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Apogee Aspire on F26J (2011-11-20)

My Aspire again, my first rocket, on an Aerotech F26J. I fiberglassed the fins on, other than that stock build.

Apogee Aspire on F40W (2011-11-20)

My first foray into rocketry, second flight. Apogee Aspire kit, no electronics (because of high risk of loss of rocket due to extreme altitude and small size). Aerotech F40W; est. altitude=3800ft, v_max=~550mph.

JAMROC on an Aerotech I284W-10 (2011-12-31)

The 10 second delay was too short, you can see the chute whip down the rocket. It zippered the piston about an inch and popped a few shroud lines.

PML Phobos LOKI on H73J (2011-11-20)

My E80 rocket Maiden Flight! Aerotech H73. All of the flights of LOKI in this form (green and red, labeled as E80 flights) had the following electronics: Sparkfun datalogger Absolute pressure sensor Differential pressure sensors in Pito tubes (2) High-g axial accelerometer 3 instrument amps; 4+ op-amps, voltage regulators, ALL OF THE .1uF CAPS EVER MADE (over 24).

PML Phobos on H242T (2011-11-20)

My E80 rocket on it's second-to-last flight in this form. Strong, strong winds. Aerotech H242T. At the end you can see us chasing it as it gets dragged away.

Steven's Rocket on a J825R-13 (2011-11-20)

3" scratchbuilt, ~6 feet long. Motor if Aerotech J825 Redline with a 13' delay. Electronics (in addition to camera): RDAS Compact for logging only, and scratchbuilt apogee-recording digital altimeter (Arduino-based). Rocket constructed by Steven with help from me; my video setup.

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