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Aerotech Strong Arm Kosdon G40. (2011-09-08)
Arcas ground (2011-12-29)

My Aerotech HV Arcas on a G64-7

Arcas Onboard 4-10-10 (2011-12-29)

Arcas Onboard video.

Bald Moms Rock flight #1 RIP Frank... (2011-12-05)

first flight of the Wildman Extreme Darkstar called Bald Moms Rock. For my dad's L2 on a Kosdon L630. We were expecting 10,000 feet, but do to the winds, it weathercocked severely and only went 6200. This flight raised money for the St. Baldricks Foundation, and was a tribute to the late, great, Dr. Franklin Kosdon

Bald moms Rock Ground tests Drogue success, main failure 3 TIMES (2011-12-05)

Please help us figure it out...

ekomS ekiN (2014-01-17)

My ekomS ekiN (Nike Smoke in reverse colors). Sorta flying on a CTI K740 C-star. About 300 feet up the thrust ring on our adapter gave up, and the motor slid...

Exciting external fillets for Bald Moms Rock (2011-12-05)

How this for exciting?

Kiss my darkstar! (2011-09-16)
Tripoli Idaho High Powered Launch 4-24-10 (2011-05-29)

This one had a lot more launches. So I decided to post the video.

Tripoli Idaho's SpudRoc-15: High Powered Rocket Launch (2011-08-23)

The biggest launch of the spring. We had a ton of high power flights! It was a great launch, started with rain and by mid day was dead calm. sorry I didn't get any of the lower powered models. believe it or not they're harder to keep track of on the camera screen. Based on the video you can tell it's hard enough with the high power rockets!

World's longest burning I300 (2011-05-29)

At Tripoli Idaho Rocketry's launch on april 24th.

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