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Aerotech INITIATOR (black and green) launch (2011-07-02)

Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 27 June 2010 MPR Aerotech INITIATOR (black and green) Engine G76-7W, Approx altitude 1800 ft

aerotech initiator (blue and yellow) (2011-09-09)

Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 18 Apr 2010 (date WRONG on video portion) MPR Aerotech INITIATOR Engine G76-7W, Apogee altimeter read 1763 feet

Aerotech Strong ARM, 22 Aug 2010, G79-7W, MPR (2011-06-26)

Aerotech Strong ARM on G79-7W Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) Launch 22 Aug 2010 Tucson, Arizona

Black Brant II (2011-08-19)

Desert Heat 2011 Fiberglass Black Brant II (HPR) Engine J315R Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA)

Deuce's Wild 11 Sept 2010.wmv (2011-07-13)

Deuce's Wild Launch Video Behind Udall Park, Tucson Arizona 11 Sept 2010 Engines B6-4s

LDRS 30 Madcow PRION (2011-09-16)
LDRS 30, NORAD Pro Maxx.wmv (2011-09-16)
Level 3 Cert (NAR) (2012-03-15)

Project Fat Bottomed Girls Rocket Big Fat Fanny Level 3 Certification Superstition Spacemodeling Society (Phoenix, Az) 11 Feb 2012 M1297W engine

LOC Norad Pro Maxx (2011-06-25)

LOC/precision Norad Pro Max High Power Rocket (HPR) Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 19 Dec 2010

Madcow CRICKET (2011-06-24)

Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA), Tucson, Az High Power Rocket (HPR) Madcow CRICKET launched on a H123W-M 27 June 2010 Miles of desert and it lands on a cement drainage ditch

Madcow CRICKET (2011-06-24)

Madcow CRICKET 22 Jan 2011 High Powered Rocket (HPR) Engine H148R-M Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc

Madcow MIM-23B HAWK (2011-06-24)

Madcow MIM-23B HAWK Mid Power Rocket (MPR) 20 Nov 2010 Engine G76-7G Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc

Madcow PRION, Cert Level 2 (2011-06-26)

Madcow PRION (69 * 4 inches) Dual Deploy, Level 2 Cert Flight Engine J250FJ Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 17 Oct 2010

main chute deployment test (2011-07-02)

Madcow PRION Dual Deploy High Power Rocket (HPR) Testing Main Chute Deployment - .8 grams of FFFF black power - First time I have tried this - Worked great....

Quest FALCON Launches (2011-09-05)

Quest FALCON Low Power Rocket 01 Oct 2010 Engines C6-5s Udall Park, Tucson, Arizona

Sean's HAWK model rocket launch (2011-08-26)

Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 22 Aug 2010, Launch, Polecat Aerospace HAWK (SAM) Powered by a K motor Drogue chute does NOT deploy Main chute finally deploys

Uber Toober Launch (09/13/2010) (2011-09-08)

Uber Toober, Low Power Rocket (LPR) 13 Sept 2010 Engine E9-4 Launch site behind Udall Park (Tucson, Az)

YellowKnight.wmv (2011-08-26)

Yellow Knight Medium Powered Rocket (MPR) Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 16 July 2011 Night Flight Capable

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