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On-Board Little Dog (Dual-Deploy) Rocket - Flight 3 (2011-08-03)
On-board my dual-deploy rocket at Tripoli Central California on July 16, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" fiberglass with Telemetrum avionics flying on an ... [View]
triptechbskyfindertest.m4v (2010-04-19)
skyfinder is my 25# 1/3 scale Nike Smoke from Polecat Aerospace. this flight was a test to see if it could handle impulse similar to an M. the motor was a cesaroni 4grain 75mm L-1395 blue time to ... [View]
Dairy Aire '09, Comp 5 (2009-05-20)
M1297 flight at Dairy Aire 2009. One of ten M flights to commemorate the tenth Dairy Aire launch at the Maddox Dairy. Thank you to James D for shooting this video. Little wobbly on the way up due to ... [View]
Spool rocket (2012-12-01)
My homemade spool rocket flying at Tripoli Central California's November 2012 launch on a Cesaroni 38mm 1G G79 Smokey Sam [View]
TCC fist launch of 2014... great weather temps in the low 70s for Winter's day. Flights of Wildman Intimidator, Shredder, DarkStar, and RW Formula 98. Onboard video of the Shredder. [View]
David and John Robb's Rocket Launches , 2013 January TCC Rocket Launch. Near Helms,CA. Lauching all Rocketry Warehouse fiberglasss kits this week... Foumual 98, Color Edition of G3, and Sub-LIME. ... [View]
Great time at TCC's 2019 October Skies. Breezy but pleasant fall weekend Sunny and clear at Maddox Dairy. Several rocket and food vendors. Nice crowd, no waits, usually TCC excellence in launches. 5 ... [View]
2012 Oct TCC October Skies - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (2012-10-22)
2012 Tripoli Central California (TCC) October Skies Launch, 10/19-10/21, near Fresno, CA. [View]
2014 Oct TCC October Skies - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (2014-10-20)
TCC's October Skies Rocket Launch - Maddox Dairy near Helm, CA. Flew several Rockets. First flight for my new two stage Wildman Jr with several videos from different points of view. [View]
2016 April TCC Club Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (2016-04-18)
Perfect spring weather for a launch in Central California, warn, sunny clear, and slight breeze. Clover up to our knees but not damp. Three flights this launch... SAAB-98, Widman Dual Deploy, and ... [View]
2016 July TCC Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (2016-07-18)
Hot fun at TCC's July Club Launch, reach 102 by end of the launch. Nice summer crowd. Nice plowed field at Maddox Dairy was like walk on soft crushed concrete. The three flights this time... ... [View]
Aerotech K2050ST-P RMS 54/1706 in a Madcow Level2 Rocket (2016-12-01)
Aerotech K2050ST Super Thunder November 19th, 2016 TCC Launch Event Helm/Maddox Dairy Farm California 40 g peak launch acceleration Reached Mach 0.71 in 0.7 seconds! Apogee was 5,400 feet AGL Rocket ... [View]
Apogee Madcow Level-2 Rocket, Aerotech J415W, TCC Helm CA Maddox Dairy Farm July 2016 (2016-07-18)
A full 1280 N-s J Impulse White Lightning motor in an 11.5 lb rocket... Launch Event: TCC July 2016 Launch Location: Maddox Diary Farm, Helm CA Rocket: Madcow/Apogee "Level-2" Motor: Aerotech RMS ... [View]
Epic Pinwheel of Fire at LDRS (2018-05-25)
Evoking the "D" of LDRS this morning (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships), the annual rocketry event hosted by Tripoli Central California this year. We had a perfect launch to 14K ft., won a Crayon Rocket ... [View]
LDRS is coming to Tripoli Central California in May 2018!!! (2017-12-10) read correctly! May 16th - 20th, 2018 This is one launch you won't want to miss!!! And this is just a small sampling of the AMAZING Rockets you'll see! Be sure to check out the TCC website ... [View]
Madcow Frenzy XL L3 Certification Flight, M1297W (2017-10-26)
Tripoli Central California (TCC) October Skies High Power Rocket Launch 10/21/2017 Helm, California This is my Level 3 HPR Certification Flight. Rocket: Madcow 4" Fiberglass Frenzy XL Motor: ... [View]
Madcow Level-2 Rocket, Aerotech RMS 38/720 J500G, April 15th 2017 (2017-04-23)
April 15th, 2017 Tripoli Central California High Power Rocket Launch Helm, CA My Madcow Level-2 Rocket launched on a small J reloadable motor.. Aerotech RMS 38/720 J500G-14A (Used an Aeropack 38-54 ... [View]
Madcow Level2 Rocket Launch, AeroTech J800T (2016-09-03)
A full 1280 N-s J800T Blue Thunder motor in an 11.5 lb fiberglass rocket. I love the separated Violet/Blue Flame some feet behind the rocket. Launch Event: TCC August 20th 2016 Launch Location: ... [View]
Tripoli Central CA launch: part two (2006-09-22)
Launch of Pyramid rocket, Whistler rocket, others [View]