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Tripoli "L3" certification

By Gerrit Rickwalt

Wildman Rocketry - Dark Star Extreme {Kit}


This will be the documentation of my Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 3 certification build of a Wildman Darkstar Extreme.

I will not begin this project until sometime in 2022.


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Parachutes (2022-03-02 13:36:34)

Parachutes for consideration in this build:

15' "X-Form" parachute form Aerocon Systems.  Nominally for a 30-60 pound vehicle.  There is well-documented use of this parachute in a 22 pound rocket.

Wildman Rocketry "Recon-60" is the stock, recommended parachute.  Suitable for a 22 pound rocket.

8' Rocketman parachute is what was used in a Darkstar Extreme from another builder.  That, along with a 2' Rocketman drogue.


Waitin on availability of the "X-Form" parachute, with details to follow.

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